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Model jet flying started in NZ with a strong ducted fan following during the late 80’s early 90’s with its base at Tokoroa airfield.

In the late 90’s a small  group of likeminded individuals built a series of engines based on schreklings early designs and around that time our jet list group was formed to share ideas and experiences with this emerging technology.

Jets slowly evolved becoming turnkey and therefore suited to the masses as opposed to the tinkerers and experimenter’s and within a few years the numbers involved swelled.

The group slowly grew from a handful to the current 50 odd members and in 2016 the NZJMA was formed to carry into the next chapter of development.

The NZJMA prides itself that the current committee is managed by a group of 7 likeminded guys all current practising jet modellers and is governed by its constitution which can be viewed or downloaded here.

Our sole purpose is to foster the safe, fun and friendly environment to operate our jets in and in turn encourage and support both experienced pilots and newcomers to our sport with grounded advice and guidance in all matters surrounding model jet operation.

The NZJMA proudly support and encourage fliers to improve skills, travel to events both here in NZ and overseas to experience the wonderful atmosphere and comradeship these events create.

We also promote and foster association with our national body MFNZ for the privileges and support this organisation brings to its members.

With 30+ years’ operating from our favourite site at Tokoroa Aerodrome come visit see what we are all about…you won’t be disappointed!

We hope you enjoy browsing the site and welcome any comments you may have on it.


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the 2019 Jet Spectacular

We had an amazing turn out at our latest meet. Just take a look at some of the great aircraft below.



Note all the March event has been moved to March 23 / 24th due to a clash with the local Drag guys.


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Tokoroa Rules and Conditions - February 2019

NZJMA Membership form